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How do you stay connected to your child while separated?

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2021 | Family Law |

As part of your divorce settlement, you and your current spouse split custody of your shared child. You want to stay connected with your son or daughter, no matter which parent your child lives with.

Zero to Three explores ways to remain in your child’s life while separated. Learn how to take full advantage of your custody arrangement.

Use technology

While your child lives with the other parent, ask about ideal times to set up a video call. In case you want to make a spontaneous call, ask about times when you probably should not call. During those times, you can send a video message or picture of yourself.

Work with your co-parent

Let your co-parent know about your desire to stay connected with your shared child. You may work together to support each other’s wishes about communicating with your child while outside of either household. This could mean talking to babysitters and caregivers about staying in touch with your daughter or son.

Send special messages

Whenever you think about your child during the day, consider sending a special message. Perhaps you notice something your child may like or a song that reminds you of him or her. Whatever it is, include it in a brief text or video message.

Opt for brief communication

Depending on your child’s age, she or he may not always want to talk for more than a few minutes. Get intentional about your calls and video chats to make the most of every second you have together. Tell a short story, play quick games or ask about your child’s day.

A little creativity serves you well when you do not have custody of your child. Make the most of technology and think about your child’s most favorable interests.