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What skills does your executor need?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2022 | Estate Planning |

When it comes to estate planning, you need to have a strong and reliable executor to help. It is important for your executor to have many traits that make them trustworthy on a personal level.

At the same time, there are also many skills and professional attributes they should have.

The roles of an executor

Executor discusses the primary roles of your estate’s executor in the management of said estate. The executor has many responsibilities. This includes organizing, collecting and filing all important documents related to your estate. It also includes paying for and organizing your funeral and the treatment of your body after your death.

Leadership and communication skills

They should have qualities of a leader, such as organizational skills, the ability to work without oversight, strong time management, and the ability to prioritize tasks well.

On top of that, they need strong communication skills. Not only will they communicate with all of your legal representatives and financial aides, but they will also divide your assets. This means they will have to contact all of your loved ones while they are in varying states of stress and grief, and communicate with them in a concise and sympathetic manner.

Considering they must do all of this while also dealing with their own grief, it is easy to see that acting as the executor of an estate is no small feat. On top of that, probate can last for years at a time, so the executor will give a good portion of their own time to it, making it a role with heavy responsibilities.