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Addressing Your Concerns And Questions About Business Law

Starting a business might become a daunting endeavor without experienced legal guidance and advice. Some business owners or stakeholders might be hesitant about hiring the services of a business lawyer, however. At Knoll Leibel LLP, in Bismarck, we have answered the frequent concerns of our clients and potential clients and explained in detail why having the services of an experienced business lawyer is a good idea. The following are some of those questions.

How can a business lawyer help me and my business?

A business lawyer’s work is to protect your best interests, your shareholders and all the parties involved. A lawyer will make sure you comply with relevant guidelines and regulations and that your contracts are in order and cover any potential risk of litigation or misunderstanding. If you are facing claims or lawsuits, a knowledgeable lawyer can also represent you before the court.

Can a lawyer help me negotiate and draft a contract?

Yes. In fact, we strongly recommend having an experienced lawyer with you to negotiate or establish the terms of the various contracts you need to protect your business in any transaction you conduct. An attorney can help you define a suitable legal framework, terms and conditions and all required documents to shield your business from potential lawsuits or claims.

When is it a good time to request the services of an attorney?

Ideally, you should work with an attorney from the start of your business. However, if you have grounds for a lawsuit or are uncertain about the legality of specific actions of your stakeholders, including shareholders and partners, consult a business lawyer as soon as possible. In case you are facing litigation, don’t go to court alone. A seasoned attorney can help make a solid case for you.

Is it advisable to have the same lawyer to help me with all the legal aspects of my business?

Yes. Having one lawyer or law firm you trust involved in all legal aspects of your company will allow them to know the specific needs, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of your business and provide solutions accordingly.

We have been our clients’ trusted legal advisers in business law for nearly 40 years in North Dakota. From negotiation to litigation, we are dedicated to advising and protecting the operations and transactions of small and large businesses.

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