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Zealous And Dedicated Construction Litigators

The construction industry is unique in its complexity. When owners, managers, professionals, zoning and building officials, suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors all do their respective jobs and work together, the industry moves mountains.  However, there are many different ways this machine can break down.

At Knoll Leibel LLP we have represented owners, contractors, and subcontractors in many different types of construction disputes, including the filing and disputing of construction liens, payment disputes, allegations of misconduct or negligence, faulty construction, abandonment of the job, among others.  The projects we have been involved in range from residential homeowner remodeling to multi-million dollar commercial projects.  Don’t pay to teach a lawyer about the nuances of construction methods or industry standards.  Experience matters.

Trusted And Experienced Advocates Of Your Rights

Some of the common reasons why construction disputes arise stem from poorly drafted contracts and subsequent misunderstandings. These types of shortfalls become evident when facing issues ranging from quality of construction, delays in payments, project milestones or accidents.

At Knoll Leibel LLP, we are ready to help our North Dakota clients with their legal needs. We understand that you require a skilled and detail-oriented negotiator to protect your best interests. You might also need zealous advocacy in court. Regardless of how complex or big your case is, we stand ready to help.

Our services are client-centered, and one of our attorneys will work with you through the entire process. We have guided our clients in their property or personal injury cases. A construction case is also heavily based on evidence and details. We will analyze every piece of evidence available and leverage our knowledge in construction guidelines and regulations to craft personalized solutions.

Some of the cases we have worked on in terms of construction litigation are as follows:

We are ready to represent contractors, suppliers, vendors and owners, among other stakeholders. You will work directly with one of our thoughtful, strategic lawyers during every stage of your process. Your initial consultation has no cost.

We Are In Your Corner

When your work and reputation are at risk, get the dedicated legal team you deserve. We are proud to address the legal needs of our Burleigh and Morton county clients. Call 701-255-2010 to schedule an appointment or fill out this online form to have us contact you.